Monday, April 16, 2018

Version 11.07a: Shortcuts

  • They are activated pressing right mouse button on main toolbar.
  • The options that can have ashortcut is extended to menus Play, Train, Compete, Tools.
  • ALT <number> keys can be used.
  • Label showed can be edited (double click over field).
  • Endings are again not guided if they have 4 pieces or less (uses syzygy tablebases-pychess library).
  • Now when changing level save current level state.

New trainings positions: 
  • Singular moves to equalize.
  • Singular moves to win.

  • Kibitzers, when add a new kibitzer, all others reset their results (Jan Bernard)
  • Database order by plies (Antonio G)

11.07 -> 11.07a:
  • Bug, creating new external engine (S Weber)
  • Opening lines, sequential/static training added information about which lines are training on (Lee Simbeye).
  • Tournament between engines, Pause option (Max Aloyau)

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  1. Good work! Training opening lines really helped me in the last tournament with openings. I like that you can change and update the lines easily. Just a little bug though. When using sequential, example line 1/4 or 1/7 etc does not update. It would be nice to know which line you training on and can easily fix if need be. Thank you Lucas. This is looking good!

    1. Thanks Lee, added this information to the next update.

    2. Hello Lucas. What about the opening report? Still considering
      adding it?

    3. Yes Lee, it is interesting for me, then I´ll find the time to code, not now, and perhaps in a fast mode like to create an excel file.

    4. okay. Thanks Lucas... I will be waiting :)

  2. hello
    report a problem
    after update from 11.06 to 11.07
    when add an extern engine it seam that lucas are running in loop and must hard shutdown for reboot
    (linux and wine)
    11.06 work fine

  3. Thank you for writing this excellent program!

    Where is the option to train with opening lines? I can make them and edit them, but I can't figure out how to train with them.

    1. Editing one with some lines, and pressing Train in the toolbar.

  4. Oh thanks. The >> button with the Train option in the toolbar was invisible until I moused over it and clicked it, maybe because I have black as my general background color.