Monday, January 15, 2018

Version 11.05b: first draft of "Opening lines"

  • New themes like diagrams of old books, adaptation of pieces included by Ben Citak.

  • Lichess-Elo
  • New engine, Cdrill 1800 by Ferdinand Mosca
  • Play like a Woman Grandmaster

  • Always autopromote to queen as an option, if ALT key is pressed, then allows to select other piece.

  • Playing against any engine: new option to show arrows with the best moves (parszab)

  • Tournaments between engines, added maxdepth of book. (Gabriel P)
  • Tools-PGN reader-Miniature of the day
  • Opening lines, only to test. It is an alternative way of creating a repertoire of openings, is a work not finished. There are a lot of work planned, by example, in the future will include trainings (one static and other continuous). 

  • Director, to activate and deactivate, right button over the board. To add pieces if needed ALT-right button
  • McBrain new version 4.0
  • Transsiberian, endings, now all are guided (Craig H.)
  • Analisis, ending phase to calculate elo is considered when material < 15 or less than 3 pieces in each side (Eren Külpinar)
  • Blindfold training positions, shows until mouse is pressed (Rieks T)
  • Databases, now located in DatabasesGames/DatabasesPositions because the need to rationalize the UsrData folder (Max Aloyau)
  • Hannibal changed from 1.7 to 1.4b, because v1.7 is not valid to 32 bits old-processors.
  • Personal tactics, now in the UsrData/Personal training/Tactics, can be used subfolders to group user tactics (Lee Simbeye)

  • Tactics, draws not end (Ben Citak)
  • Several bugs in Databases (parszab ideas)
  • Launching the program with a PGN as argument, when the filter window is launched, it crashes when finished.
  • From 11.05 to 11.05a
    • Problem downloading more Women Grandmasters (detected by Max Aloyau)
  • From 11.05a to 11.05b
    • Miniature of the day doesn´t work (detected by Eren Külpınar)
  • To update, from Information-Search from updates 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Version 11.04a: Turn on the lights, calculation mode


  • Turn on the lights
    • added calculation mode where the time used begins when a piece is moved, then the user can think for as long as needed, but must be accurate and fast when moving in relation to memory mode (the only way so far). 
    • also it was added an initial theme from Uwe Auerswald list of positions, where only difficulty 1 and 2 are selected.

  • Performance, in Options-Configuration, parameters have been added that determine the consideration of good or bad moves, as well as the degree of effect of bad moves on the total elo of a game, from 0 with no effect to 5.

  • Saving a game to a database
  • Database, changing the file
  • Saving a game to PGN when with nags, $ symbol is repeated (Konrad Franz Hüttner)
  • Director, to remove with Ctrl-MouseRight it is necessary to press two times.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Version 11.03: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:

  • Analisys, reduced the number of nags produced by analysis (Giovanni di María)
  • Database, save to PGN when select codec = same as file.
  • Playing against a game when mate.
  • Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t works
  • Training positions, bad message when tutor disabled and the training is guided (variator)

  • Scanner of positions, added Alt left, Alt key-left, Alt key-up, Alt key-right, Alt key-down to scan non-square cells
  • Turn on the lights, added more info 
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Version 11.02: some bugs fixed

 Bugs fixed:

  • STS: it doesn´t works (Husniddin Sharafutdinov)
  • Training mates: all moves are incorrect (João A, zagabra)
  • Adjourn: ask for resign (Bogdan P)
  • Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t works
  • Database: to export to pgn is very slow


  • Director: Ctrl Left mouse, to remove any graphic/pieze (Marc)
  • Database: can be configurated to use its own graphics, and can be showed automatically via own-Config (Marc)
  • Turn on the lights: right button show history of each item

  • Log file of engines, can be activated in Configuration/Engines, it creates a file in /UsrData/logEngines (Norbert)


  • Create your own game: less options in toolbar
  • Create your own game: last file is not open automatically

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New version 11, summary of changes

New web:

New engines:

Read PGN file:
  • Now supports the selection of multiple files (unknown)

New game in the beginning
  • Challenge 101: It is about solving up to 10 positions of all types, with assigning a score. The program saves the last 10 scores, and you can check the ones made from the Training menu/Personal training.

  • Added an icon in bottom-left in all boards to config that replace right button in the border.It can be hidden in the Options/Configurations menu/Boards, but menu always appears pressing left button in that area.
  • When showing a move, if there is an analysis, an arrow of the best move is showed. (Vladimir)

Analysis graphic window:
  • Added captures (Joël D)
  • Some other cosmethic changes.
  • Elo perfomance total and in opening, middle game and end game (Eren Külpinar)

Training positions: 
  • Added Play Current Position in Utilities (Brent)

  • New translation to Ukrainian by Volodymyr Soltys (initiated by Maxym Makarchuk)

  • Automatic save of games,... (Jacques D)
  • Some changes in level 1 (Jacques D)

  • Position of board configuration icon in Options-Configuration-Boards

New competition:
  • Strength in positions with only one good response (singular move).

  • Main change: graphic elements are added directly on the main board.
  • After saving a position the added elements are visible from any other board.
  • It is possible to change the file that has the information, which can facilitate sharing with other users.
  • Can be added text in a blackboard.
  • Activated with F1..F10.
  • A simbol appears in the board when the position has info.

Training positions:
  • Added pawn endings

  • Background color in selected rows can be changed (Options-Colors-General-Tables). (Remes)
  • New theme, McBrain's Wooden Chess Board " - © 2017 by Michael Byrne , permission granted to Lucas Monge to use in the software "Lucas Chess".

Tutor configuration:
  • Depth as an option (R.Giorgi)

Analysis of a position:
  •     New cancel button (?)

PGN reader:
  •     Added <enter> key to select (Remes)


  • Added some options:
    • Priority of the cpu process, normal, low, below low, high,... (vga)
    • Analyzed position, it can be before the move on the board or after the move.
    • Visibility, when you have many kibitzers, some of them can be hidden in the selection menu.
  • Options can be changed live.
  • Order in the selection menu can be changed.
  • To edit:
    • Tools-Engines-Kibitzers
    • When playing, Utilities-Kibitzers-Edit

Database of games:

  • Added in Utilities mass analysis option (Marc)
  • Added two tools to change the order of registers (TheIgnobleSavage)

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Document in French: Bonus by Max Aloyau

Max Aloyau has added a new document in PDF with information on the novelties introduced this year 2017 in the development version of Lucas Chess.

This document can be downloaded from the program website, section documents.

Or directly from: link 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Development version 11.00.21b: kibitzers

Changes in kibitzers:

1. Added some options:

  • Priority of the cpu process, normal, low, below low, high,... (vga)
  • Analyzed position, it can be before the move on the board or after the move.
  • Visibility, when you have many kibitzers, some of them can be hidden in the selection menu.

2. Kibitzer options can be changed live.

3. The order in the menu can be changed.

4. To edit:

  • Tools-Engines-Kibitzers
  • When playing, Utilities-Kibitzers-Edit

Bug fixed:
  • Multiple analysis of a position, engines are not reused when external. (vga)

Update from 11.00.21 to 11.00.21a:
  • Bug fixed, kibitzers don´t work (Giovanni)
Update from 11.00.21a to 11.00.21b:
  • Bug fixed, tournaments between engines, "Cancel button" and difference of material doesn't work (Giovanni Di Maria)
  • Bug fixed, database, order is not maintained from a session to other (Max Aloyau)
  • Database, added in Utilities mass analysis option (Marc)
  • New theme, McBrain's Wooden Chess Board " - © 2017 by Michael Byrne , permission granted to Lucas Monge to use in the software "Lucas Chess".
  • Updated some languages:
    • Arabic by Mohamad Alhedhed
    • French by Max Aloyau
    • Polish by Dariusz Popadowski
    • Vietnamese by Toan Luong